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People are talking about Libby's workshops:
Libby is available for online learning opportunities as well. Some of the activities Libby has facilitated online include:

  • Asynchronous courses
  • Synchronous courses
  • Book studies (weekly)
  • Consulting
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Some of the participants from a few of Libby's workshops have said:

  • "Awesome facilitator/trainer/teacher! Makes learning fun and engaging! I always learn something new at one of Libby’s workshops! Love her take-a-ways – quick and easy tips and techniques to use the next day with his/her students!"

    Katherine Overstreet, MLS, MOTC
    LRC Librarian/Director
    PG & D Committee Chair
    Kaskaskia College

  • “Participants can rest assured they will leave a Libby Serkies led workshop or training with all the knowledge, information, materials and resources they expected when they walked in.  Libby’s professionalism, level of preparedness, and presentation skills are exemplary, and, you can always count on a few laughs along the way!”

          Lyn Buerkett 
          Director of Adult Education and Literacy
          Lincoln Land Community College

  • "Libby Serkies is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter that understands the importance of helping learners create their own meaning about mathematical concepts and ideas.  She has techniques that any instructor can immediately apply to their classroom."

          Brooke Istas
          Community College Math Instructor

  • “Libby Serkies is a light of knowledge and teaching strategies in the often dreary world of teaching underprepared adults for their next steps”
          Maggie Wolf
          Director of Adult Education
          Kankakee Community College

  • "Libby is the teacher in the room who gets it, which is so refreshing. She is an asset to both fields of adult education and numeracy. Her presentation style is encouraging, informative and uplifting. She knows her stuff!"
    Cynthia Bell
    Numeracy & Youth Specialist

  • "Something that makes Libby's presentations shine is that they are simultaneously clearly well researched and very accessible to all participants. She knows her stuff, and is referencing a depth of reading and research, at the same time  everyone in the room is engaged and comfortable, asking questions and sharing ideas.
    While the presentation gave me immediate ideas I wanted to use in my classroom, it also gave me a window into further learning I wanted to pursue about instruction. I think professional development opportunities often either give an idea you can use immediately or one that is for more profound consideration. Libby's presentation was striking in that it did both."

    Abby Roza
    Adult Education Instructor
    Hennepin County, MN