Firelight Education

The brightest blaze begins with one spark



  • Standards Based Instruction
  • Did You Feel That? Key Shifts in Math Instruction
  • But I Wasn't a Math Major!
  • Modeling Math for Mastery
  • Is It Magic, Or Geometry?
  • Fractions Don't Have to Be Scary
  • Buidling & Using Interactive Math Journals
  • Teaching the Why Before the How: Building Conceptual Understanding
  • Overcoming Math Anxiety
  • Using Manipulatives in the Classroom
  • C-R-A Instruction: Moving From Concrete to Abstract Math
  • Other Topics by Design
  • Lesson Planning with the CCR/CCSS Standards
  • WIOA and What It Means in the Classroom
  • The Reluctant Student's Reluctant Teacher
  • For Administrators: Getting Instructor Buy-In
  • From the Top: Training State Level Leadership for the Shift
  • Personalities in the Workplace/Classroom
  • Strategic Planning
  • The Care & Feeding of Teams
  • Crisis/Change Management
  • Other Topics by Design
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